istituto marangoni miami | rocco iannone receives honorary master’s degree

Sofia Agostini, Rocco Iannone and Hakam Baykam

During the hustle and bustle of Miami Grand Prix, guests hailing from the four corners of the globe came together to celebrate Rocco Iannone, Creative Director of Ferrari Style, as he was bestowed with an Honorary Master’s Degree in Fashion Design from his alma mater, Istituto Marangoni. It was a celebration of Iannone’s exceptional achievements, but also highlighted the symbiotic link between fashion and innovation.

Since 2019, Iannone has been the visionary behind Ferrari Style, sculpting its creative content, design, and image with meticulous precision. As a Marangoni alumnus, his journey from student to industry luminary came full circle, symbolised by this touching recognition. Speaking with Schön! on the occasion, Iannone reflected on this milestone: “Receiving this recognition from the university that brought my passion to life is not only a profound honour but also resonates deeply with me on an emotional level. It serves as a reminder of the journey I have taken and reinforces the importance of pursuing one’s dreams with unwavering resolve.”

For Iannone, designing for Ferrari has been a transformative journey, in which he has come to understand how innovation and reverence for tradition can come hand in hand: “Taking the reins of the design of a long-established fashion brand with a well-defined legacy presented a formidable challenge. However, it was this challenge that rendered the opportunity irresistible.” Guided by Ferrari’s unparalleled heritage, Iannone embarked on a quest to forge new aesthetic codes while honouring the brand’s illustrious history.

In a fireside chat moderated by Sofia Agostini, Director of Brand Partnerships at Istituto Marangoni Miami, Iannone shared insights into his creative vision and the transformative power of fashion. Emphasising the importance of mentorship and knowledge exchange, he expressed, “Transmitting my passion for design and sharing my experience with younger generations is crucial. It is a way to inspire and empower emerging designers, giving them the confidence and guidance needed to explore their creativity fully.”

The dialogue extended to the intersection of fashion and technology, a realm where Ferrari Style thrives. “One of the cornerstones of Ferrari Style is innovation and technology,” Iannone told Schön! “Our materials have cutting-edge features, from lightweight knits created from q-cycle yarn to unique compositions of metal and carbon fibre.” This convergence of engineering precision and sartorial elegance defines Ferrari Style, marrying automotive-inspired details with sleek forms.

Looking ahead, Iannone’s gaze is fixed on the horizon of sustainable fashion and social impact. He remarked, “In 2024, the greatest rewards for working in fashion design come from driving meaningful change, particularly through sustainability. Designers now focus on creating eco-friendly, circular fashion that values craftsmanship and respects workers’ rights.” With the upcoming SS25 show for Milan Fashion Week, Iannone remains committed to shaping the identity of the Ferrari man and woman, forging a legacy that transcends trends and resonates with generations to come.

As the sun set over the Miami Design District, the echoes of Rocco Iannone’s journey reverberate through the corridors of Istituto Marangoni, a testament to the indelible mark of creativity, innovation, and passion. In honouring Iannone, Istituto Marangoni celebrates not only a master craftsman but also a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of designers.

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Photography Courtesy of Istituto Marangoni.

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