jumper. Studio ALCH
trousers. Jil Sander
earrings. Alan Crocetti
socks. Cos
shoes. Underground England

Oscar has surrendered to self-preservation in this Schön! online editorial photographed by Jonny Kaye. In faded tones, he shifts from brooding to desperate – what will become of him, and who will find him? Will Larkin styles Oscar in pieces from Christopher Shannon, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sander and more. Oscar’s make up is by Marie Reitner and his hair is by Sherean Miller.

jumper. Jil Sander
shorts. Pronounce
earrings. Alan Crocetti
socks. Cos
shoes. Calvin Klein

cardigan. Dries Van Noten
t-shirt. Christopher Shannon
earrings. Alan Crocetti
trousers. Cos
shoes. Vivienne Westwood

jumper. Helmut Lang
halter neck. Calvin Klein
earrings. Alan Crocetti
shorts. Studio ALCH

shirt. Maison Margiela
halter neck. Calvin Klein
earrings. Alan Crocetti
belt. Dries Van Noten
trousers. Liam Hodges

jumper. Iceberg
jacket. Moncler
tie. Prada
earrings. Alan Crocetti
trousers. Carhartt
shoes. Jil Sander

cardigan. Gucci
accessories. Alan Crocetti
trousers. Carhartt

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography + retouch. Jonny Kaye 
Will Larkin 
Oscar Robinson @ MiLK Management 
Sherean Miller using Label M 
make up.
Marie Reitner 
fashion assistant.
Aurélie Mason-Perez 
Clapton, London


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