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Lucas Castellani is a refreshingly new anomaly in the late-night line up. His name-sake chat show, The Castellani Show, premiered on FOX LA in December ’21, and the Brazilian-born influencer is harnessing his platform to highlight everything from mental health awareness and social justice concerns, to esoteric spiritual practices and pesky celebrity dating app experiences. His conversations are as unabashed as the show’s set decor and both are well matched by his boyish charm and off-the-cuff cheekiness. Perhaps the sum of these things are the secret sauce to the show’s success.

As Lucas continues setting his own rules, he candidly discusses with Schön! how he navigates awkward moments with guests, a possible proposal to Harry Styles, the spiritual rituals that ground him in LaLa Land and so much more. 

Compliments to you on your show! Your line up and range of conversation distinguishes you from other chat show hosts. A fan-favorite was your interview with psychic medium Tyler Henry, which had an esoteric, spiritual focus to it. Was there a personal experience that propelled you to have him on your show, or perhaps something intuitive? 

I’ve always been drawn to the spirit world. I’m a very spiritual person in my life. I connected to Tyler so well, because I really understand and appreciate his talents and passion for spirituality. He’s an amazing person.  

Your transparency—and curiosity—when speaking with Tyler was refreshing, and even endearing. Did you have the opportunity to do a reading with him after meeting? 

No, unfortunately we didn’t do a reading. Maybe the next show. I would really like that though. What’s your thought process or motivation when choosing guests to interview? 

I like guests that have different backgrounds, come from all kinds of different social and demographic upbringings, and cultures. It’s so interesting to understand somebody’s story, where they came from, what obstacles they overcame, what are their dreams, what are their passions. 

It’s obvious that you’re genuinely curious, which really attracts viewers and guests to your personality. Do you have pre-existing relationships/friendships with them that make conversations so comfortable-eeming? Or is making personal connections with people one of your strong suits?  

Some of my guests I knew and I had a previous friendship with, and some of the guests it was the first time we met. One of my strengths is the ability to connect with someone right away, I guess I have always been able to do that. I have been fortunate to be in so many situations in my life and have friendships with so many different people across the whole spectrum, from 

kings and queens (literally), to the most famous “A” list actors, billionaires with super yachts, to friends in the poorest villages in South Africa. Everyone has a story, everyone has a passion, everyone has a dream, hardships, and obstacles. No different than me. I’ve always been comfortable in really any situation with any person, and can connect with them whatever their background. I want to have a real conversation and understand the person, I think that puts the person I’m communicating with at ease and makes the personal connection natural. 

full look. Model’s Own
full look. Model’s Own

Speaking of interviewing style, your fashion game is flawless. How involved are you in your wardrobe selections?  

[Laughter]. I love fashion. It’s one of my passions. I’m super involved in my wardrobe selection. In fact I kind of micro-manage it, sometimes in an obsessed way. Fashion is a way I 

can express myself, like an artist expresses themselves in a painting. I love being creative with fashion and pushing the trends. Did I already say I love fashion?   

Yes. [Laughter]. Equally admirable is how you discuss socially uncomfortable topics which such ease–you spoke with supermodel Josephine Skriver about her perspective on being born in vitro, and opened up with actress Richa Moorjani about her rejections and successes as an Indian actress in Hollywood– you seem comfortable with being uncomfortable. How do you navigate unexpectedly awkward moments in these kinds of conversations? 

I think I navigate awkward, uncomfortable situations and conversations because,  I guess I’m comfortable with the uncomfortable. I mean I live awkward, uncomfortable situations too, and I have a genuine interest for the people I talk with and the friends I have, so I try my best to listen. I think the conversation becomes easier when you have two people just having a conversation, and people can just be themselves. Growth is an uncomfortable process and when I jump into an uncomfortable process I do it with an open heart and a genuine interest to learn and grow from the situation, and I think my guests can see the genuine interest, so we are all in the same page. If it gets awkward, it’s when we know we are in that learning and discovery process, just like when kids ask those questions that may seem very uncomfortable and awkward for the adults, yet very enlightening for the kids.   

Arguably, people who probe for clarity tend to be more guarded about themselves. Do you, personally, mirror this same transparency in your day-to-day life? 

I can be guarded with some people and completely transparent and open with others. Just like anyone, it depends on the situation. Unfortunately in the entertainment industry I come across a lot of people that really don’t have my best interests at heart, those are the situations I tend to be guarded. With my friends and family though, I am transparent. 

Given the influence and success of your television and social media platform, what does true success look like for you within the next few years, apart from millions of followers? 

True success for me is following my dreams and passions. They are ever changing though. I love the talk show and would like do another season and keep that going. I also think a podcast would be great to start too. Both of these allow me to further my strength of connecting with and interviewing people, discussing interesting topics, talking about in-depth experiences. I also have a strong passion for mental health issues and mental wellness. In the next 6 months I have some exciting news about a new company I’m starting. I’ve been working with a research & development manufacturer developing an exclusive daily multivitamin based around mushrooms. Having suffered through mental health issues and depression, I have a passion for mental wellness, so I have been working on a daily gummy vitamin that helps with that. It will be an amazing product, that will help with focus, energy and overall mental wellness. More to come in 2023. 

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full look. Model’s Own

How does someone as charismatic and high energy as yourself decompress and chill? 

Sometimes I have to just force myself to be alone, meditate with my crystals, stay home watching movies or binge watch tv shows. I live in the Hollywood Hills, around lots of nature and parks so that also helps, and I enjoy hiking all the trails through the canyons, and going to Malibu surfing or horseback riding.  

Sounds like the dream. By the way, who’s your dream guest to interview on your show, dead or alive?  

Harry Styles. 

If you could ask Harry just one question, what would that be? 

I would take the opportunity and ask him to marry me. 

[Laughter]. You have such a down-to-earth, relatable vibe. What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you while carving your path in not so grounded LaLa Land?  

One of my biggest challenges has been my immigrant status and moving to the US. I didn’t really know anyone and had so many doors closed in my face. I just kept opening more until I found one I could go through.   

In your interview with Tyler Henry, you stated that Brazilians are very superstitious. What are you most superstitious about?  

I’m superstitious about everything. I have innocent rituals for so many things. Like when i go to events full of people I have to take a sea salt bath to remove all the energy I absorb from people, then a herb shower with crystals to recharge the good energy. Yes, Brazilians in general are very superstitious people. I think it’s just part of our culture, very influenced by African religions.  

What can we expect from you as far as concrete projects, or even exciting opportunities that you’re hopeful for?  

My wellness company that I’m launching soon, much of my time will be going towards that. Then the second season of The Castellani Show and maybe a podcast…

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