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Shirt / JOSEPH
Bra / Pour Moi
Bracelet / Cartier
Jumper / Topshop

If you haven’t heard her name yet, you may recognise Jordyn Woods and her stunning facial features from one of Snapchat’s most intriguing and popular accounts, none other than Kylie Jenner’s. Jordyn Woods counts stars like Jenner and Jaden Smith as close friends since childhood. Behind her perfect eyebrows and ever-changing hairstyles, Woods has moulded herself into a voice of a generation in her own right. 

At 18, Woods signed with Wilhelmina Model’s Curve Division a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday – “fresh out of class” – in her own words. Now 19 and having already done a collaboration with Boohoo, Aerie, she also DJ’s and has walked the runway for the likes of Cristian Siriano. Woods is an positive ambassador for the forward-thinking, inclusive Instagram generation. After her agent contacted her through Instagram, Woods understands the importance a presence like hers may hold for the younger generation. “Influencers are really just people that other people relate to or admire. Their pages become influential because enough people like the message they express – social media is like a public diary,” Woods explains, fully understanding the responsibility that comes with being in the public eye.

Jumper / Topshop
Trousers / Chloé
Bracelet / Cartier
Night Dress / Hesper Fox
Cardigan / By Malene Birger

Jeans / ASOS Curve
Top / Marc Jacobs
Jacket / Topshop

Brand new to the modelling world (apart from after a short stint as a child model), Woods has a strong work ethic. Her mother, Elizabeth Woods is a Talent/Brand manager at Mixed Image Media and Woods Marketing Group. Her brother, Jodie Woods, is a talented tattoo artist. “I look up to anyone who stays true to themselves in this industry,” Woods explains, well aware of the imminent fame. Woods credits her mother to keeping her grounded: “My mother taught me to stay true to myself and always do the ‘right’ thing, which helps a lot,” she asserts. In order to stay sane, Woods often reminds herself that “we all have the same amount of hours in a day and we are all equal,” trying not to compare her situation to anyone else’s she reminds herself that even in her fast-paced lifestyle that “we all have our own purpose. Really put time into the things that you care about and take nothing for granted,” Woods explains, coming off as wise beyond her years. 

Perhaps Woods can credit her perspective on show business after having spent her adolescence growing up close to Los Angeles, stating that she was “a little more sheltered from the fast life. Ironically, as I got older, I realised that life in LA was actually really slow and everything takes a lot more time to get done. LA is my comfort zone and nothing beats that vibe. Woods picked up and relocated to NYC on her own while she was starting out her modeling career, having walked the runway for the Christian Siriano and Lane Bryant collaboration during NYFW. While the experience was a first, Woods is a self-taught learner, picking up a strong runway walk by  “literally watching YouTube videos and walking in front of the mirror a couple of times the night before. I feel like you can never fully be prepared, you just have to bring the confidence and hope for comfortable shoes.” Not bad for someone who has been labelled as having “an incredible walk” by the designer himself. 

Dress / Topshop
Boots / Chloé
Bra / La Perla
Coat / Topshop

Bra / Calvin Klein
Dungarees / ASOS

Bra / La Perla
Coat / Topshop
Shoes / Rebecca Minkoff

In terms of personal style, Woods and Jenner can often be seen sporting and setting major trends – long nails with intricate nail art, fun, experimental wigs, and the newest names in athleisure. As a budding style icon, Woods believes “trends always repeat themselves, the ’90s style is really making a comeback.” In terms of makeup and beauty, and career, Woods credits the internet; claiming “social media has led young teenagers to definitely experiment because of the amount of tutorials that exist online.” Is Instagram business or pleasure? “Celebrity or not, Instagram is beneficial to your career. It has become a visual resume in a lot of cases,” she says. And with great power comes great responsibility – as an ambassador for “real” women everywhere, Woods hopes to obliterate certain stigmas. “I would want to inspire people to be different and try new things. Modelling was and still is a pretty new thing to me. I’m hoping I could be the one to change people’s point of view on what traditional modeling is,” she states, already having spoken with magazines such as Teen Vogue on panel discussions regarding young women’s bodies in the industry. “I aim to spread awareness about body positivity by just being me. Showing people that confidence is sexy and that our individuality is our greatest gift,” the 19 year old explains, with determination and grit. 

As a role model in her own right, and firm with her beliefs, it is only fitting that a role model in this industry, through Wood’s eyes, is “anyone who stays true to themselves.” At the moment, Woods is DJ-ing and modeling around the world, including Khloe Kardashian’s Good American denim campaign, a denim line that ranges from sizes 0-24, an experience she found empowering “When women feel accepted in a group it helps us get over our insecurities.” What does the future hold? “I’m a creative and hands on person. I don’t think you should ever limit yourself. Hopefully, I can do a little bit of everything. This year has a lot in store but I don’t want to give away any surprises.”

Words / Estefania Hageman
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