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At just 18 years-old, David Burke, known by artist name d4vd, has made viral waves with deeply expressive tracks like Here With Me and Romantic Homicide. The Houston-native originally started out as a gamer before exploring music production in his sister’s bedroom closet with an iPhone and some headphones. Fast forward to 2023 and d4vd’s debut EP, Petals to Thorns, showcases his range from sombre lyrics backed by lively instrumentals to mellow sounds made for slow dancing on a rainy day. “I love all types of music and really tried every sound. If you go through my catalog you’ll hear indie, rock, pop, r&b, even some rap,” says d4vd. “I like to try all different types of genres and just let the audience decide what they want to listen to.”  
Much like his music, d4vd is multi-faceted with an interest in gaming, writing, poetry and parkour. Although he might not be showcasing his parkour skills in his work, he is making strides into the world of fashion. This summer he serenaded guests as the performer at Valentino’s SS24 menswear show in Milan and he only plans to keep expanding his creative universe. “I want to do more with anime, TV shows, movies, fashion, drama. I honestly just want to try everything,” he says. “Everything that I’ve done so far has been fun and it’s nice to be able to open up different parts of my brain to try different things.”
Music-wise, d4vd says that he’s interested in delving into jazz music and collaborating with artists like Lil Uzi Vert and SZA. Interestingly, d4vd is currently on tour with SZA and is set to do his own shows in Asia this winter. “I’m going to a few new places so it’ll be great to meet new people and learn about other country’s cultures,” he shares. d4vd’s career rise is fueled by his creative ambition and an endless source of motivation. Despite his packed schedule, d4vd says that he is “motivated by literally everything around me [like] TV, movies, video games, stories. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been unmotivated to create.” He adds that “there is so much happening around me that I can always pull from somewhere.” So fans can expect more timeless tracks from the budding artist.

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