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Amy Jackson is primed to take over the world. The British actress, model, and philanthropist has a knack for selecting projects, campaigns, and causes that both speak to her soul and enrich her worldview. Since getting scouted when she was younger, she’s worked alongside brands like Cartier, Bvlgari, Hugo Boss and a number of others, and has just recently wrapped up on a whirlwind tour of this month’s fashion shows around the globe.

Schön! chats with Amy Jackson about her earliest beginnings, what it has meant to her to have her son visit on set, and more. 

dress. Milo Maria
boots. Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini
gloves. Paula Rowan
dress + veil. Richard Quinn

When you think back to younger Amy who got scouted while on a train in Manchester, how would you think you’ve grown as a creative and as a human between then and now?

Like a great deal of creatives, I ‘feel’ a lot and it’s my gut instinct and intuition that navigates me through important decisions in life. When I look back at the early days, I wish I had listened to my deeper knowing more so than other people who were primarily out for their own gain, but it was through embracing those failures that led me to discover new paths in life.

Your career in modelling and your work as an actress has had a bit of crossover and bled into one another. How do you think doing one helped you with the other and vice versa?

I was fifteen when I booked my first modelling job and a year later I landed my debut film so it was definitely all go, go, go! I do believe that the two industries have certain elements that complement one another, for instance, character portrayal is vital for both. Although restricted to a single image whilst modelling, you’re trying to tell a story and the only way you can communicate that is through facial expressions and body language which is directly transferable to acting.

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You’ve just had a whirlwind time at various fashion shows. Was there any look or label in particular that caught your eye?

Next Summer you’ll find me head to toe Rabanne, frolicking on the shores of Ibiza in gold hooded chain mail, Roman sandals and a tapestry fringed coverup. The SS24 collection was right up my street, it’s powerful and warrior-esque yet feminine and sensual at the same time. The overall feel of the collection had a real boho luxe aspect to it which also crossed over into beauty – think sunkissed, effortless glamour with healthy glowing skin against a metallic eye. Iconic Rabanne style!

Earlier this spring you were filming a project and you were able to have your son be on set. First, what did that mean to you? Second, how has it been describing your job as “make believe” to him?

Having my son on set with me for the first time will forever be one of my dearest memories. I am a firm believer that life lessons can be taught outside the classroom as well as in, and having that opportunity to travel to India at the age of three, experiencing a new culture and being fully immersed in a movie set with action choreographers, cinematographers, actors, art directors just blew his mind and opened the door to a whole world of dreams and possibilities. On top of that, as a working mum who comes from a very working-class background, I strongly believe that raising boys to have a broader perspective on life and a more inclusive view of gender roles is an absolute must.

As for the ‘make-believe’ part, it’s been so fun explaining the real behind-the-scenes aspect of the job to him. We’ve had our own ‘ mum and son’ theatre productions on top of his bunk bed and when recently asked the question ‘What does Mummy do?’ in a show and tell in school, he still replies ‘She’s a superhero’ (courtesy of my role in Supergirl) and I’m definitely into it!!

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When you think back to your childhood, was there a particular story (from a book, a film, etc) that really resonated with you that still inspires you today?

I recently rewatched Peter Pan and even as an adult that film resonates with me. I’ve always believed that absolutely anything is possible if you put your mind to it, similar to manifestation and the law of attraction, and Peter Pan is the epitome of imagination being the power of creativity and dreams. It also reminded me of that childlike wonder within us and not letting that fade.

Dream dinner party guestlist + ideal three-course menu?

It’s going to be a girls’ dinner!

  1. Dr Jane Goodhall
  2. Michelle Obama
  3. Dolly Parton

The dinner menu would be as random as F and a concoction of my favourite finds from across the globe. The starter would be bruschetta with fresh juicy tomatoes and crispy bread from Florence. The main would be vegetable biriyani with a basket load of garlic and peshwari naan from Punjab. The dessert would be mango and coconut sticky rice from Bangkok.

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choker. Moschino
gloves. Versace
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earrings. Sonia Petroff

Philanthropy and charity work are things really close to your heart. Why is it so important for you to get involved and use your voice and platform?

I’m animal obsessed, always have been and always will be. In fact most days I prefer animals to humans! So using my platform and social media reach for animal advocacy and being a voice for the voiceless is a must. I’ve worked with a charity called the Elephant Family for several years now and it never fails to inspire and motivate me to want to do more!

What do you hope your legacy is that you leave on the world

It’s very simple, kindness. Kindness to our planet, kindness to my children, they’re the ones who will continue the legacy of practicing kindness in everything they do. The world definitely needs a bit more of that.

coat. Lanvin
choker. Moschino
gloves. Versace
dress. Richard Quinn
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photography. Simon Lipman
art direction + fashion. Hasan Hejazi
talent. Amy Jackson
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fashion assistant. Kristina Valdez
hair assistant. Ray Coady
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interview. Kelsey Barnes

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