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Following the success of the tongue-in-cheek ‘Walk of Shame’ last year, Harvey Nichols has gone viral once more with this year’s Christmas video ‘Avoid A Same Dress Disaster’.

It’s happened to the best dressed of us: we spend what seems like an eternity searching for that perfect dress to impress our colleagues at the office party, only to be confronted by our mirror image. Yes, that’s right, someone else is wearing the same outfit.

Playing on the evil stares that might ensue in said scenario, Harvey Nichols’ humorous video, directed by creative duo Ne-o, turns dirty looks into laser beams as our two heroines battle it out. Even an unsuspecting Chihuahua is brought into the fray as a weapon in this fashion stand-off.

The video concludes with the solution to avoiding this fashion faux-pas, a striking Mary Katrantzou dress from Harvey Nichols Womenswear department.

Group Press and Marketing Director Julia Bowe explains: “In typical Harvey Nichols fashion, we wanted to have a bit of fun with this video and remind people that a potential disaster could be averted by taking the time to find a truly unique and beautiful dress in-store.”

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