high note

body. Valenti
shoes. Vic Matiè
necklace. Perfuffo

In this Schön! online editorial, photographer Marco Imperatore transports us to a world of kitsch. Diletta Ariano sources brands Giuseppe Di Morabito, N°21 and MSGM, dressing talent Yulia Musieichuk in a range of sparkle coloured looks. Maurizio Caruso Morreale plays with wet and dry hair textures, while Rocco Santamorena toys between natural flawless skin and pops of eyeshadow, rounding out the high note shoot.

full look. Giuseppe Di Morabito
shoes. Vic Matiè
dress. N°21
under garment. MR2

full look. Gabriele Colangelo
trench. MSGM
shoes. Vic Matiè

body. Vivetta
dress. Ih nom uh nit
shoes. Vic Matiè

dress. Lucio Vanotti
shoes. Vic Matiè
dress. Melampo
shoes. Vic Matiè

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Marco Imperatore
fashion. Diletta Ariano
talent. Yulia Musieichuk
casting. Michele Bisceglia
hair. Maurizio Caruso Morreale @ MH Artist
make up. Rocco Santamorena @ MH Artist
photography assistant. Gian Marco Integlia
fashion assistant. Isabella Sanfilippo

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