hardcore circus

Society in the 21st century is a circus — social network is the stage and we are the show. What character are you going to portray? Who are you behind the curtains? Who is your real self? This Schön! editorial investigates through ironic contrast how social networks can be changing not only the perception of the world but the inhabitants themselves.

The circus is historically an incredibly playful, joyful and coluorful space that always hides behind its curtains a life made of hardships, a different reality from the stage everybody see, where the artists are society outsiders and outcasts. Illusionists, seers, clowns, strongmans, “freak-shows,” acrobats, animal tamers are metaphorically nowadays influencers, stalkers, followers, content creators, self sellers, keyboard warriors, trendsetters. Produced by photographer Benjamin Vitti with fashion by Morgan Dildar and Vincenzo Trionfo.

full look. RED SEPTEMBER
jewellery. Margherita Chinchio
full look. Annakiki
shoes. AVAVAV

blazer. 9.8 INCH
corset + shorts. ADI
shirt. YOUWEI
shoes. ÇANAKU
necklace. Exxxential
bag. A.CLOUD
shirt. Elisa Nicoloso
underwear. Thom Browne
shoes. Lost In Echo

jacket. Alessandro Vigilante
slip. Stylist’s Own
tights. Dolce & Gabbana
shoes. Casadei
jewelry. Exxxential
fur. Andrea Turchi
cardigan, skirt, scarf + tights. Marco Rambaldi
shoes. YETI
headband + eyeglasses. 13DE MARZO

jacket. CASA PRETI
fur jacket + fur trousers, bracelet. A Better Mistake
shoes. Paciotti
tank top + underwear. WAYERÖB
shoes. YETI

full look. AVAVAV
shoes. GOD ERA
headpiece. ILARIUSSS
jewellery. Margherita Chinchio
knit. Andrea Turchi
dress. Alberto Zambelli
shoes. CASADEI
collant. Annakiki

left to right
suit + gloves. ÇANAKU
blouses. WAYERÖB
shoes. Anja Zecevic
blazer + gloves. ÇANAKU
top + shorts. 9.8 INCH
shoes. Anja Zecevic
earrings. Exxxential
full Look. WAYERÖB
shoes. ÇANAKU
turban. A Better Mistake
fur + leather foulard. CASA PRETI
shorts. WAYERÖB
earrings. Margherita Chinchio

photography. Benjamin Vitti
fashion. Morgan Dildar 
model. Nafa @ The Claw Models, Giosuè + Ludovica @ BADD,
Daniela + Tanya @ Independent Model Management,
Yuri @ Next Management + Sergei @ Sophie Models

hair. Carlo Ruggiu
make up. Mattia Andreoli
video. Andrea Colacicco
sound design. Temuri Matureli
set design 3d art. Asia Calzà
fashion assistant. Giulio Di Gregorio + Vincenzo Trionfo
hair assistant. Giovanni Ameduri

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