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Citizens of Humanity and AGOLDE are setting a new industry benchmark this February as the Citizens of Humanity Group introduces the Integrity Grown standard for growing regenerative cotton. In partnership with Advancing Eco Agriculture, the program aims to encourage farmers, denim mills, and brands to adopt regenerative agriculture by providing them with financial and educational support through their transition towards greener, more sustainable agricultural methods. The organisation worked closely with on-the-ground teams of agricultural scientists and farm consultants to help design the program, striving to establish deeper levels of transparency between growers and the company. In addition, the new standard will help farmers better understand how to improve their current techniques, by increasing crops while also reducing the use of chemicals and water.

As of today, cotton production is one of the most environmentally damaging systems of agriculture. However, committing to regenerative growing processes is one effective way for the fashion industry to revert the alarming effects of climate change. Following key principles, such as soil regeneration and the enhancement of the land’s ecosystems, regenerative agriculture approaches existing techniques with a perspective of conservation and rehabilitation. With transparency at the core of this project, partnered farms are audited annually to ensure the integrity of the cotton growing process, from the supply chain to the consumers. Growers are assessed on their practice and are awarded or deducted points accordingly. Thus far, 11 U.S. farmers and 3 farmers in Turkey have met the high bar set by the initiative by taking part in the Regenerative Cotton Program.

With the creation of the Integrity Grown standard, Citizens of Humanity and AGOLDE will gain a better understanding of the environmental impact generated through the production process of their regenerative cotton supplies. By combining the knowledge acquired through on-the-field research with adequate technology measuring progress and results, the program is equipped with a data-driven and science-backed tool, allowing the organisation to expand the market for regenerative cotton globally in the long run.

To celebrate this crucial turning point in industry practices, the brand will launch the Regenerative Cotton collection, and who better to embody the values of the brand than supermodel and environmentalist Shalom Harlow, who was photographed by Laurence Ellis in Malibu, California, wearing part of the upcoming collection. Aligning with Harlow’s previous work advocating for the importance of sustainability, this collaborative campaign marks a new beginning towards the implementation of healthier practices within the fashion industry, with a hopeful future ahead of the cotton-growing industry.

AGOLDE‘s men’s and women’s collection.

Citizens of Humanity men’s and women’s collection.


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photos of Shalom Harlow by Laurence Ellis
lookbook images. provided by AGOLDE + Citizens of Humanity
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