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Think of your favourite pair of jeans. They are a worn-in, trusty, and fashionable pair of denims that you live in as much as possible, a fashion staple that you reach for over and over. But do you know about the history of where jeans came from? With the unveiling of GenovaJeans‘ upcoming edition, they are ready to remind you about the beauty of Genoa-made jeans.

From the fifth to the eighth of October, GenovaJeans will be in Genova presenting to a myriad of fashion’s best tastemakers and showing them exactly what makes this historic and iconic brand so special. Known as the “Blue from Genoa” or “Bleu de Gênes,” the ancient harbour of Genoa was the birthplace of what we now know as blue jeans after clothes made of the fabric were dyed indigo and crossed the Atlantic. With this significant and renowned aspect of the garment’s history, GenovaJeans will showcase the responsibility of creating and manufacturing jeans properly while also transforming the Italian city into an open-air networking space that will inspire the innovative jeans community.

The upcoming edition, which will be launched by ambassadors of GenovaJeans Rosita Missoni and Claudio Marenzi, will demonstrate the brand’s five pillars: community, creativity, responsibility, culture, and innovation. As a leader in the jeans industry, GenovaJeans are dedicating their work to both nurture the up-and-coming jeans community and teach them about the fundamental values of environmental sustainability and responsible innovation, touching on the importance of bringing technology and fashion together. 

“I think there is no one in the world who doesn’t know what jeans are, a fabric born in our city,” states mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, when asked about the upcoming edition. “We need to ensure that the combination of Genoa and Jeans becomes ever more widely known worldwide. That is our goal. During these months we have found considerable support also at an international level, a sign that our city is seen as increasingly attractive also from this point of view. For four days Genoa will be transformed into a meeting place for producers, designers and consumers of the fashion world as well as offering dozens of events to its citizens and visitors to have fun with performances, shows, concerts and artistic installations. A great event totally renewed that represents only a small part of the ambitious project of GenovaJeans.”

With jeans being a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, found in closets across the globe, it’s integral to both honour their history and embraces the new ways of producing and designing them. “Genoa starts from its history and now accompanies new generations towards a future of greater awareness and responsibility,” explains event curator Anna Orlando. “It does so with jeans at the center, because Genoa is its birthplace, and with the awareness that it is a fabric whose popularity is naturally accompanied by inclusivity. GenovaJeans therefore has ambitious goals and through a varied edutainment program, aims to confirm itself as an appointment that goes far beyond the event and the four days in which it takes place, precisely because of its cultural repercussions. Where culture means past and future together; history and new life.”

Using the aforementioned five pillars as a benchmark, the four days will spotlight different brands and companies — from Mud Jeans to Diesel — that represent production and stylistic excellence at a national and international level. GenovaJeans will show a mix of heritage brands, new creatives, and the “Made in Italy” supply chain in three different exhibitions that honour the historical, architectural and cultural heritage within the city and with GenovaJeans. 

With an edition that spans four days, 40 locations, and 120 events that consist of workshops, cultural site openings, exhibitions, performances and installations, GenovaJeans will breathe new life into the jeans community while also marking Genoa as a true landmark in fashion history. 

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