freedom of movement

Contemporary city life is synonymous with infinite imagination, expression and identity. Constantly travelling, escaping, dreaming, new generations are bound to freedom like never before. For this urban life on the go, Hogan has reimagined the iconic styles of the brand in their own bid for freedom, with the brand new, gender-neutral Hogan H-Stripes Sneakers. Tapping into a heritage of style and spontaneity, Hogan focuses the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection on celebrating a generation that is in motion – the appropriately named Hogan #GenH community. 

The casual style of contemporary generations meet the lifestyle reference that Hogan has become, with a heritage in excellence and reinterpretation of icons. The Hogan H-Stripes Sneakers are the stylistic essence of the brand’s history – with a distinctly contemporary aesthetic, the platforms are designed with vertical grooves, with waves constructed into the tread. Minimal yet highly stylised, the top of the sneaker is defined by the iconic H of the brand. The upper trim’s stitching and soft padding combine to create a uniquely ergonomic design, with nappa leather in black or white leather. 

Aligned on the comfort and ease of everyday, Hogan channels the hopes and dreams of contemporary generations into a sneaker: the H-Stripes Sneakers fuse form and function, quality and innovation. Something that Schön! can – without hesitation – get behind. Imagination and reinvention are just one step away – what are you waiting for? Discover the H-Stripes Sneakers now.


Discover the Hogan H-Stripes Sneakers here.

Photography. Tom Brannigan
Art Direction + Styling. Patrick Clark
Skater. Théo Clark
Retouch. Roko Studio

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