free as a bird

top. Prada
trousers. Lemaire

Close your eyes. Be in nature. Discover the secret place. You know the one — it makes you calm, slows you down – makes you feel free, away from judgement and our fast paces online lives. There is beauty in being still — in diving into nature, appreciating it. Nature has this calming energy, that can give us true playfulness and stillness. Submerging into special moments, that remind us all how precious nature is and how important it is to protect it. It’s time to breathe. Come back to your roots, find freedom. 

jacket. Amiri
trousers. Lemaire
checkered suit. CO

full look. Bode
floral button top. Jacquemus

top. Prada

blazer. Dior
trousers. Marni
top. Nanushka
trousers. JW Anderson
shoes. MM6 Maison Margiela

sweater. Waste Yarn Project
trousers. Dries Van Noten
jacket. Dior
shirt. Zankov
jeans. Acne Studios
sunglasses. Bottega Veneta

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

photography + direction. Eva Schwank @ 7 Artist Mgmt + Brinkley Capriola
art direction + fashion. Amy Soderlind @ Workgroup
model. Charles Jr. Oduro @ Models1
grooming. Joshua Conover @ Workgroup
props styling. Megan Petrilla
photography assistant. Ashley Ross

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