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In our childhood, imagery fundamental to forming our character, personality, and passion. This Schön! online editorial, photographed by Jonathan Conts, recreates those images from a feminine point of view, bringing us back to our youth with help from model Polina Rudenko. Creative and art direction by Sergio Rueda coupled with fashion and nails by Itziar de Berry complements the hair and makeup by Regina Khanipova

overall. Surma Design
heels. Ancuta Sarca
rings. Rueda Lab
set. Aurelia Gil
rings. Areta Mata

coat. XV Strange
bra. Rueda Lab
boxers. Aitor Goicoechea
headpiece. Areta Mata
bracelet. Suot Studio
dress. Boltad
heels + bag. Bimba Y Lola
rings. Ayque Chulo

full look. Georgiela Studio
heels. Ancuta Sarca

full look. Alvaro Calafat
heels. Ancuta Sarca
necklace. Areta Mata

This Schön! online editorial has been produced by

photography + retouch. Jonathan Conts
creative + art direction. Sergio Rueda
fashion + nails. Itziar de Berry
model. Polina Rudenko
hair + make up. Regina Khanipova

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