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Eva Minge 2

If Aphrodite and Mick Jagger had a baby, it would be Polish designer Eva Minge’s velutinous, part Grecian, part rock and roll couture collection. Her designs would be best described as ethereal punk; with bold gowns spun out like gothic vines and swanlike silhouettes textured and layered with diaphanous organza and shaded chiffon. Photographer Alice Jacquemin was present behind-the-scenes to capture the show preparation.

Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0023-copie Eva Minge 1 Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0057-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0048-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0021-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0046-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0014-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0026-copie Backstage-Eva-Minge-FW16_0009-copie

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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