Revisiting Classical Icons With Etnia Barcelona

As one of the most important lenses through which we see the world, art in its most general form defines and shapes our consciousness, our culture, our social interactions. Only by challenging the status quo does your vision truly come into being – it’s the specifically the shifts in perception that art engenders that define our identity. Staying true to this art-based philosophy, Etnia Barcelona has revealed its brand new campaign for 2018, reconfiguring icons of classical art with a special twist. The Anartist series is a small preview of the #BeAnartist Series 2 campaign that will be released in February 2018. In the form portrait photographs, the teaser reveals three icons – inspired by works of the likes of Boticelli’s Portrait of a Man with a Medal of Cosimo the Elder and Raphael’s Young Woman with a Unicorn. Teaming up once again with photographer Biel Capllonch, Etnia Barcelona defines the creative vision of reinvention that sees classical cannons integrated into a contemporary setting.

As is the case with the form of any artistic expression, there is a constant reinvention of style and substance, and Etnia Barcelona explores the full potential of creativity. The campaign will launch with a big expansion of the collections, with a total of 60 new models added to the Vintage and Classics collections, half in prescription frames and half in sunglasses. Frames in acetate are oversized in a way that confers a definite retro edge to the pieces. Metal frames are spectacularly angular, taking their aesthetic cue from the 1970s.

Cultivating the Anartist way of thinking and seeing, each Etnia Barcelona collection holds in it a creative process that shapes and crafts a unique worldview. Every style offers a slightly different take: for the purists, you have the Originals collection; for lovers of more technical elements, the Advance collection; for all things classical the Vintage collection and the Capsules are for the bolder style choices. In short, be Anartist: Etnia Barcelona invites you define the way you see.

Discover the Etnia Barcelona collections here.

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