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No stranger to Schön!, German photographer and director Ellen Von Unwerth returns to acte2galerie in Paris, France to showcase her new series titled “Little Beast.”

Photograph courtesy of ©ellenvonunwerth / acte2galerie

Photograph courtesy of acte2galerie / ©ellenvonunwerth

The selection of playful photographs was inspired by the fetish underground movement occurring in alternative clubs in Tokyo and London. The central characters in Von Unwerth’s story evoke the sweetest fetish fantasy. Instead of your classic ropes, chains and whips, these girls are dressed in latex of cotton candy coloured proportions. They resemble the cutest of bunnies, poodles, slithery snakes, caged birds, and ponies ready for a good time. Fresh and dynamic, the photos demonstrate an eccentric and light-hearted take on the sexual subculture.

While Von Unwerth continues to utilise the black and white she is so well known for, she now delivers something entirely new to her images. In “Little Beast,” Von Unwerth introduces rosy and violet hues to her work, creating a youthful and feminine touch. The scene is set in a baroque atmosphere with chandeliers and plush canapés, adding to the fantasy that is Von Unwerth’s world.

This exhibition proves yet again that Von Unwerth understands how to direct her models, as she sets her images in a state between stage and spontaneity. Far from being caged birds, her muses seem to find pleasure in their provocative nature. A pink bunny rabbit is seen on all fours, alluringly nibbling a long carrot. In another photo, she stares directly at the viewer and opens her mouth invitingly, only to eat some grass. We see the same muse in the process of undressing with another beautiful animal on top of a bed. Without ever being taken seriously, Von Unwerth’s girls are wild critters.

Photograph courtesy of acte2galerie / ©ellenvonunwerth

Photograph courtesy of acte2galerie / ©ellenvonunwerth

At the end of the day, the “Little Beast” Exhibition confirms that girls just want to have fun.

Ellen Von Unwerth is a renowned international image-maker. She first made her way into the industry as a fashion model, then switched to photography and captured the likes of Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova. Her GUESS Jeans advertisements are notorious. Von Unwerth’s work has been featured in magazines all around the world including, but not limited to, Vogue, Interview, Vanity Fair, L’Uomo Vogue, I-D, Twill, and of course, Schön!

“Little Beast” by Ellen Von Unwerth is at acte2galerie from now until November 9, 2013. For more info visit acte2galerie.com

Words / Sheri Chiu

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