backstage at paris women’s | dorhout mees

Dorhout Mees 1A feathered fairy-tale of strangely delightful creatures wearing architectural gowns was narrated at Dorhout Mees’ first runway show in Paris. Black-eyed models and their winged eyelashes injected a touch of animalistic futurism, in addition to clothing prints inspired by flocks of birds bearing resemblance to animal skin. Photographer Marek Mulenko takes us behind-the-scenes to get up close and personal with these feminine critters. 

Dorhout Mees 2 Dorhout Mees 3 MMulenko_DSC4131 Dorhout Mees 4 Dorhout Mees 6 Dorhout Mees 5

Photography / Marek Mulenko


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