on the 14th day of christmas we see the future

For the workaholic who has everything, Schön! are excited to present Oakley’s long-awaited Airwave goggles. The futuristic design features an innovative “heads-up” display which allows a whole host of information, including speed, weather conditions and navigation, to appear literally in front of the wearer’s very eyes.

Perhaps the most exciting feature, however, is the goggles’ smartphone connectivity, which allows the user to check emails, text messages and receive phonecalls all whilst zooming down the slopes. In case you’re worried that whoever you gift these to may end up concentrating more on their emails than where they are going, the display is cleverly designed so that it appears to be the size of a 14 inch screen that is 5 feet away, so it isn’t necessary to refocus the eye. Oakley have also included a Buddy tracking system, which allows the lucky wearer of the Airwaves to seek out other owners on the slopes, presumably so they can get together and discuss how much better their goggles are than everyone else’s.

Feast your eyes on these ground-breaking goggles at Oakley.com and Oakley stores worldwide as well as at Apple.com and in store.

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