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Logic1000 is on a press junket in Paris. She’s flown in for 24 hours, just in time for her release party. The Australia-born producer has just released her first album – Motherto great acclaim. After her EP In The Sweetness of You, released in 2021, the multi-hyphenated, multi-faceted artist brings a rich album to life, steeped in House sounds.

“I adore House music, its history, it’s so political. I am obviously not part of that original community, but I wanted to pay tribute to it and give my own personal take on it. For this album, I think I was very much influenced by my teens, when I listened to R&B, before I moved into dance music. It made sense for me to make something like this. I hope I did it in a respectful way,” she explains in a lobby in Paris, in a hotel appropriately named Mom’Art. Bridging both subjects — becoming a mum and creating art — she sits down with Schön! for her curated feature. 

Hey Logic1000, what are you up to right now?

I’ve just released my album – it feels like a great moment. The whole concept around the album was change and growth, I feel like actually releasing it has been a step that has been taken towards something new. 

When I was pregnant, I had this spark of confidence, like “Wow, I can really do hard things”. Pregnancy was really difficult for me. The birth was amazing, I really enjoyed it, and from there I felt like, “Wow, I can endure 9 months of vomiting, and at the end of it have a 24 hour experience where I really feel connected with my body and my baby.” That was the point at which it made sense – life can be fucking hard, but if you persevere, the flow of life can really be a good thing. Something great will come of it. I had the confidence from that to write and create something that is a bit bigger. 

If someone asked you what your origin story was, how would you describe it? 

My mum and dad? [laughs] I think, as an artist, I almost spontaneously combusted into becoming. I always wanted to be an actress – being a musician wasn’t on the cards. I would say it happened in 2017.

Describe your style in 3 words.

I think it’s quite light-hearted. It’s like a part of me too – so authentic. And I hope it’s sexy!

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

Can it be a jewellery item? Because I have a Lloyd Steven genie necklace – it’s pure gold, and it’s the most amazing hand-drawn design. It’s so precious to me, I don’t want to lose that. If I lose that I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do!

Which living person do you most admire? 

My daughter. I have to say her. She’s hands down the coolest person I’ve ever met. She’s only 2 and a half but she’s so honest, earnest, fun, curious, smart, creative. She’s kind of, just, killing it. I want to be her best friend. I hope I am, one day [laughs]

What was the last book you read?

This is funny. I don’t really read that much but I read Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking. I haven’t touched a cigarette since. 

If you could play at any venue, which one would it be? 

Do you know the Kraftwerk building in Berlin? There’s this mainstage which is this enormous old power plant. They put on these experimental shows. It’s my dream to play mainstage at the Atonal Festival. I’ll have to get a bit more experimental.

Where are you happiest?

In bed. Literally lying down. I’ve just arrived here but I’m looking forward to laying down later [laughs].

Ideal 3-course meal?

It would have to be Burmese food. It would have to involve Mohinga, which is this noodle dish. Seri Meku for dessert, it’s Malaysian I think. For entrée, I’m not sure. Actually Rojak – it’s a Singaporean dish, it’s my grandfather’s favourite.

What’s one song that you’d like to listen to the first time again?

I’m Your Brother, by Round One. I can’t remember the first time I listened to it, but every time I listen to it it’s almost as if it’s the first time. Which is weird. I still have that energy. 

An underrated song you love?

Maina Doe’s track LET HER BE. Not enough people have heard it – underrated as in, underexposed, not listened to enough!

The track that describes your coming-of-age story?

It would have to be around the time I started to listen to Dance music. Maybe a Burial track from the Untrue album, one of those. I listen to it in one go. That was when I discovered Dance music – UK stuff, that whole world. I must have been 23 at the time. I could probably work out by looking at when it came out – 2007. 

An album that you’d put in a time capsule?

Oh shit! Probably that one [laughs]. Maybe Sade’s Stronger Than Pride. I think it’s really sexy, it’s really timeless, and she is just fucking cool. 

A lyric that you love and the song it’s from?

I don’t know the full lyrics, but there’s this one line from the song I’ve always said is my funeral song. It’s by The 3Ds, it’s called Beautiful Things. It’s guitar music, but at one point there’s a line that goes – “Beautiful things are waiting for me.” It’s really uplifting. I think it’s a nice sentiment in the context of a funeral.

A track that reminds you of a happy moment?

Probably my wedding song. It’s Rhythm & Sound, King in my Empire. We had a very low key wedding, there was only family there. There were ten of us. After the ceremony, we came back to our hotel, and Tom and I had a couple of friends there and we had a really low-key first dance to that song, it was beautiful.

A song that you discovered recently that you love?

I’m obsessed with this song by ML Buch – Flames Shards Goo. Everything about it – it epitomises I love about non-Dance music, it’s beautiful, textural, her voice is really soft, sweet, ethereal. When I heard it for the first time I was in a car on the way to a show in London, and the track hit me, even more, given the context.

Best record to get you out of a funk? 

Prince, If I Was Your Girlfriend. Because it eases you into you feeling good. It understands that you’re feeling a lot, but lifts you out of it slowly. 

What’s the last song you searched for on Spotify?

Probably Baby Shark. Oh, it was ML Buch actually! And Baby Shark before that.

A song you wish you wrote?

My Bloody Valentine, Soon. Every single person I know who likes good music, like guitar music, Jazz, Dance, whatever, that kind of shoe gaze music crosses all genres, there’s something in it for everyone.

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