colmar celebrates 100th anniversary

There is beauty and power in legacy. With that in mind, iconic brand Colmar are celebrating its 100th anniversary this year by creating a curated collection of 10 pieces in collaboration with streetwear designer Joshua Vides. Since 1923, the Milan-based brand has been at the forefront of stylish outer attire. At first, they were geared towards creating small hats, eventually adapting to become a clothing brand that garnered support from Italian ski champions from Leo Gasperl to Zeno Colò who have worn the brand’s garments.

At its core, Colmar has always loved collaboration — so much so that their work with visual artist Joshua Vides is the perfect partnership between the two. With a range of coats, knitwear, tops and accessories, Vides deftly designs each piece by pulling from the brand’s own archives to reimagine their “iconic designs as the original sketch.” Whether it’s the nod to the iconic ’70s jacket famously worn by Erwin Stricker via a jacquard and wool-blend knit sweater or matching tracksuits, all aspects of Colmar’s 100th-anniversary collection prove they are constantly thinking ahead to see where they can merge fashion and outerwear. 

Check out the full capsule collection here.

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