cherries on top

earrings. Jacquemus
jewellery. Swarowski

‘Cherries on Top’ is a playful yet sophisticated exploration of fashion and sensuality, all artfully centred around a fruit that’s as tantalising as it is timeless: the cherry. Known for its lush, vibrant red hue and succulent, inviting texture, the cherry effortlessly embodies a sense of allure and seduction. In this series, photographer Aleksandra Kingo, stylist Natasha Freeman, hair stylist Makoto Hayashi and make up artist Ellie Tobin intertwine the cherry’s iconic symbolism of desire with contemporary style, capturing its innate ability to evoke a flirtatious, yet elegant atmosphere. 

dress. Jacquemus
boots. Dries Van Noten
earrings. Stylist’s Own

shoes. Prada
ring. Stylist’s Own
bag. Clio Peppiatt

earrings. Model’s Own
heels. Valentino

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photography. Aleksandra Kingo
fashion. Natasha Freeman
models. Claudia @ Tess + Sarah @ Profile Models
agent. AWA (Angela Woods Agency)
hair. Makoto Hayashi Using Bumble & Bumble
make up. Ellie Tobin Using Monika Blunder Beauty
food. Dominique Eloise
set design. Helen Zarkina
post production. Kristina Keke
lighting assistant. Alex Poll

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