catching smoke

It’s like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands; trying to achieve something which is impossible to achieve, at least for a human. See for yourself in this Schön! editorial directed by Julie Goldstone with Rimaz Kaleel as director of photography. Miss Benny wears looks by Aknvas, Delam London, Sonia Carrasco and others styled by Julia Platt-Hepworth, with hair by Lindsey Williams and make up by Bailee Wolfson.

dress. Delam London
earrings + rings. FIE ISOLDE
dress. Sonia Carrasco
shoes. Vintage
socks. Stems
earrings. Ayana Designs

blazer + bralette. Sonia Carrasco
shorts. KkCo
earrings + rings. FIE ISOLDE
necklace. Ayana Designs

dress. Sonia Carrasco
shoes. Vintage
socks. Stems
top. Aknvas
earrings. LAG WORLD
necklace. Ayana Designs

dress, collar + leg warmers. KkCo
earrings. FIE ISOLDE

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

direction + creation. Julie Goldstone
director of photography. Rimaz Kaleel
talent. Miss Benny
hair. Lindsey Williams
make up. Bailee Wolfson
wardrobe. Julia Platt-Hepworth
production. Hyperion LA
creative production. Cully Wright
executive production. Andrew Bear
senior creative production. Caroline Santee Hughes
assoc. creative production. Andre Shahjanian
production. Adam Cohen
consulting production. Kevin Chagnon
vfx. Mårten Larsson
1st ac. Kamrin Lewis
editor/cd of post. Jared Varava
consulting production. Danny Pugh
vfx supervision. Mårten Larsson
music and sound design. Aaron Drake @


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