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An evening encompassing everything La Maison Christian Louboutin embodies — joy, warmth, and history — was the message behind their FW 2024 show at the prestigious Le Trianon. This historic venue, dating back to 1894, holds a special place in the heart of the Pigalle district, a neighbourhood deeply cherished by the designer himself, who once called it home while nurturing his passion for footwear.

The presentation was a collaborative effort, featuring the creative expertise and choreography by Leo Walk, a French artistic director, and his dance company known as “La Marche Bleue” to perform “The Loubi Show,” a moving performance that weaves together contemporary dance and the energy of street hip-hop culture. Under Walk’s creative guidance, the performance unfolds a deeply personal portrayal of friendship on stage, interweaving diverse narratives of connection and camaraderie with grace and sensitivity.

Accompanied by live music from Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel of Agar Agar, the performance featured 12 dancers adorned in MJ Moc loafers, with some embellished specifically for the show, and the chunky Miss Sabina heeled sandals during their onstage performances designed to harmonize effortlessly with the fluidity of movement. Guiding the audience through an immersive visual experience is the esteemed French-American visual artist, Jan Melka, whose meticulous scenography transforms the stage into a captivating spectacle, playing with materials and volumes to stimulate the senses.

The collection, showcased in a gallery where attendees could browse before and after the onstage performance, drew its inspiration from the vibrant beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It featured styles adorned with rhinestones reminiscent of a stunning sunset. Embracing the prevailing cowboy core trend that has swept through the fashion world, the brand has revamped its Santiabooty, Santia Botta, and Santigag Strass styles with American West-inspired editions for the fall 2024 season. These new designs feature washed denim or black suede with contrasting stitching, adding a touch of rugged charm to the collection.

While the company’s popular Sporty Kate wasn’t showcased in the presentation, this season will unveil a new iteration of the style: a kitten-heeled slingback version. Additionally, joining the lineup is the Minny, a fresh pump design featuring a chunky, inflated-like heel and a squared-toe cap, available in various versions, including a slingback option.

For 2024, Christian Louboutin has turned to the Americas for creative inspiration, embracing the lively colours of Latin beaches and the rich traditions of American rodeos. This summer, a thrilling collection of fresh shoes and leather goods, alongside updated classics, will be unveiled, with releases beginning in May and extending throughout the season of 2024.

The Fall/Winter 2024 collection will be available in stores and online worldwide from early May 2024.


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