call of the ocean

dress. CHANEL
necklace. Armani


In this serene Schön! online editorial by photographer Maria Chi, model Anyon Asola is beached on the shore, being eroded away by the waves. Stylist Daniel Davilla dresses Asola in gauzy pieces from Lorena Panea, Bibian Blue, and more that suggest the dull sheen of a mermaid that once thrived in clear waters.

dress. Alfredo Martinez

dress. Corina plus Irina
underwear. Lorena Panea
bracelets. Saint Laurent
dress. CHANEL
jacket. Lorena Panea

jacket. CHANEL
shoes. Victor von Schwarz

full look. Max Mara
dress. Givenchy

shoe. Louis Vuitton
dress. Paniculata

dress. Bibian Blue
dress. Daniel Davilla


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Maria Chi
fashion. Daniel Davilla
model. Anyon Asola @ Trend Model Management

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