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Photography courtesy of Agência Fotosite

In the southeastern region of Brazil resides Belo Horizonto, a city 300 miles north from Rio. It was here that our Editor-in-Cheif Raoul Keil arrived to attend this years Minas Trend Review. Kindly sponsored by Texbrasil, the week away allowed for complete indulgence into the Brazilian way of life and also meant that our instagram feed was awash with amazing images dipicting the diverse and vibrant country!

The fashion shows were a breath of fresh air compared to the usual fare we generally see, not only because of the country’s divine climate (Brazil’s winter season starts in April), but also due to the sheer colourful and experimental spirit on show.

This unique style is what makes Brazilian fashion so intriguing, and nurturing the home grown talent found in Brazil is exactly what the organisation, Texbrasil, aims to do. By supporting their work and helping designers to export local trends to the rest of the world, Texbrasil ensures these up and coming designers receive the recognition they deserve

Photography courtesy of Agência Fotosite

Minas Trend Review showcased the creme de la creme of Brazilian designers, and guests were welcomed for an extensive meet and greet. They were able to chat about their philosophy and dreams for the future, also providing great insight into the Brazilian fashion industry.

One of them was the team behind Auá. In an eclectic collaboration of fashion and art, the brand reminded the audience of a resourceful Brazilian heritage. Established in 2003, Auá has a history of mixing silk cottons with linen and slowly expanded its collections towards glamourous nightgowns and occasion wear; A timeless concept that works from season to season.

Other eye candy fresh from the catwalk was the work of Mary Design. Mary Figueriredo worked her way up from a fairly poor background and cleverly turned this into her trademark. She uses recycled and leftover materials for sometimes delicate, sometimes bold accessories. Although the idea of turning what would otherwise be rubbish into fine art or fashion is by far not an innovation, Mary Design is part of the overall picture that gives this year’s trend previews a sunny dose of character.

Mabel Magalhaes’ A/W 2013 collection was underlined by an artistic fragility in evening gowns. The brand attempted to create a collection that would both symbolize sophistication and a contemporary spirit. This concept, teamed up with shades of nude, wine and purple, impressed viewers to no end.

Unlike the rest of the fashion world, fashion in Brazil seeks to appeal to a mix of society, here you’ll find fashionistas pairing luxury brands with more affordable pieces creating a look that is edgy and incredibly sexy. That stylish look, seen on the catwalks and the streets of Brazil is what defines Brazil’s DNA like no other.

A brand which we hope will find a market in the UK soon is GIG: Its fragile and lacy designs are underlined by provocative cuts and an almost casual subtleness. The classy pieces are easy to style and yet are distinctly chic. We certainly cannot wait to begin seeing hints of the sunny Brazilian spirit in our own stores.

Thank you TexBrasil for organising an amazing trip to Brazil and most of all, for showing us the cultural roots in which Brazilian fashion will evolve.

Photography courtesy of Agência Fotosite

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Words / Caroline Schmitt
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