BILLIONAIRE’s perspective on exclusive opulence

In terms of opulence, contemporary luxury brands often nowadays use soft elegance and subtle luxury. However, at BILLIONAIRE, the usage of softness blends with darkness, highlighting a customer who is not afraid to hide the power of luxury. Schön! speaks to designer and owner Philip Plein following the unveiling of the new Fall 2024-2025 Collection at MFW, where he showcases a fresh chapter for the brand, marked by the introduction of the brand’s womenswear line.

Within this collection, luxury transcends fashion; it transforms into a lifestyle. The classic camel coat merges with tailored suits, mirroring both refinement and daring exploration. The optical jacquard 3D weaves an elaborate tapestry of intricate motifs, creating a contemporary flair into timeless designs.

Nevertheless, according to Plein, Billionaire embodies timelessness. “I am not striving to infuse innovation into the brand. This season, our aim was to showcase the complete wardrobe, featuring evening looks culminating in the tuxedo, jacquard blazers, and sartorial elements. We also present daily and business looks – and this diversity of all facets describes the Billionaire persona.”

In harmony with BILLIONAIRE’s timelessness, the womenswear features crafted 3-piece suits, proportioned cashmere coats, and a refined, classic colour palette, optimizing the essence of BILLIONAIRE and its enduring allure aesthetics. The defined silhouettes balance between femininity and classic sophistication, speaking towards the brand’s key identical look and feel.

‘’In the past, my focus leaned more toward evening looks, but for this season, I aimed to broaden the spectrum. We introduced womenswear for the first time—four distinct female looks with masculine and sartorial references, remaining true to our brand’s DNA. I consider this as a part of a new direction’’.

BILLIONAIRE’s isn’t a brand tailored for millennials; its focus is on a mature clientele that values quality and comfort. ‘’BILLIONAIRE’s commitment lies in being a niche market brand. Working within this niche allows us to be less concerned with external dynamics, as our focus is on our specific market segment. Being a niche brand enables us to work from different business objectives, in contrast to mainstream businesses that are much more focused on growth, market share expansion, and overall performance. Aiming for such goals often comes at a cost, where you compromise exclusivity from the brand’s core essence.’’

BILLIONAIRE serves as a gem within the corporate portfolio of Plein. While other brands may be more business-focused, BILLIONAIRE thrives on its niche positioning, preserving the exclusivity and highlighting what truly defines it. Wondering about the little German boy from Munich and how we can see a representation of Plein in his work today, he answers: 

‘’Everything I do is deeply personal and I handle everything independently. My experience at BILLIONAIRE allows me to express a side of myself different from my role at Philipp Plein. Philipp Plein is very maximalist, loud, and with a certain aggressive edge, a big contrast to BILLIONAIRE’s ethos.’’ Philipp Plein’s shows are mostly presented with grand spectacles, attended by thousands, surrounded by sounds, almost creating an arena concert atmosphere. 

BILLIONAIRE, in essence, is the opposite. It’s not an alter ego according to Plein. ‘’Like everyone, I have different personality sides. Just as you don’t want to eat the same food every day, variety adds something to life. Just like in fashion or music, being associated with a certain genre comes with expectations from your audience – which within you operate. BILLIONAIRE gives me the freedom to think, create and achieve different goals. That’s precisely what I love about it’’.

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