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09_Lavoro_0145The story of Ballin started in 1940, on the banks of the Riviera del Brenta, in Fiesso d’Artico. Giorgio Ballin, the founder of the company, decided to pursue his dream and start making shoes. In the immediate postwar years, Giorgio’s brother, Guido, backed his brother and his entrepreneurial project and set up a studio. The family link, alongside a strong sense of initiative, created the base of the Ballin story. The family roots, and a strong sense of traditional aesthetic, have sculpted a unique trajectory.

Professionalism, passion and a strong heritage are all values that Giorgio Ballin passed onto his three children – Gabriella, Reanna and Alessandro – who lead the company today. Ballin unfalteringly put their natural, gifted talents to productive use. Combining the family’s history in footwear craftsmanship with the current generation’s forward-thinking, innovative design, Ballin continues to master the craft. “Ballin’s ‘Made in Italy’ excellence has become a trait in the brand’s DNA, together with passion, thus giving birth to products featuring their own recognisable mastering of the craftsmanship,” we’re told. “Ballin’s knowledge and strategic research into fabrics and fibres will always be at the core of their design. Shape and detail attention follow closely – the result is a luxury product.”


This is undeniably a rare trait seen in a brand, notably in an age of mass-production. “Ballin believes and works with handcrafting product, rather than ‘manufacturing’.” Steering carefully away from mass production, and keeping the ethos of the ‘Made in Italy’ tradition, Ballin continues to concentrate on handcrafting pieces. The Ballin shoe factory, in fact, is a leader in footwear production, and is “popular among the luxury footwear market and we produce for some of the most esteemed international footwear brands!”


Sophistication, elegance, femininity are at the heart of the Ballin aesthetic – which is perfectly suited to the entrepreneurial, independent woman of today. The Ballin shoes suit “a contemporary woman, who is aware of current trends, but keeps timeless style at the forefront of any fashion statement,” is the explanation. Keeping at the forefront of contemporary shoe design, Ballin continue to blend organic intelligence in footwear craftsmanship, with trend savvy, forward thinking minds and understanding of consumer behaviour fluctuations.


One regular customer and aficionada of the brand is Amal Clooney, who is the walking definition of Ballin’s typical customer. She has been a loyal buyer of the trapeze shape tote bag – so Ballin decided to name it after her. “Every woman wants that breath-takingly, stunningly, gorgeous IT Bag – regardless of the bad press the ‘IT BAG’ gained in the ‘90s.” With this in mind, Ballin offer a tailored design for customers, with a personalisation service that aims to transform your it bag into your very own bag. The one-off, tailored service stamps your initials into the inside of the bag – visible to see, but not so obvious. These subtle but luxurious details enhance the timeless elegance embodied by Ballin. While the house continues its steady way to becoming an international brand, we can’t help but fall in love with the refined designs and accessories.

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