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René Garza. Photo by Jordan Eisbjerg

Continuing our behind-the-scenes coverage from New York Fashion Week, it’s time to take a trip across the pond to see what’s going on in the world of London Fashion Week, photographed by Jordan Eisbjerg. Today, we’re focusing on designers Pam Hogg, René Garza and the team of Jerri Moore + Clarence Lee.

Venus in Phurr was the name and promise of Pam Hogg’s show at this London Fashion Week, and it’s a promise the collection delivered on. Drawing inspiration from BDSM attire and culture, whips, studs, chains and PVC played alongside velvet and thigh-high lace-up boots in a provocative collection that left little to the imagination. Some outfits featured faux-fur nipple patches and landing strips, while others were entirely meshed and sheer, relying on the word “Venus” emblazoned across the front to cover any sensitive areas.

Design team Jerri Moore + Clarence Lee, part of the Houston, Texas-based non-profit Magpies & Peacocks, showcased their latest offerings as part of Fashion Scout, an indie runway event devoted to international and innovative fashion. Magpies & Peacocks emphasises sustainability and reusing fabrics, a theme Jerri Moore + Clarence Lee’s works embraced. The collection, entitled “Undone: the New Americana”, sourced fabrics from every source imaginable – upholstery jacquards and reused silks found their way into everything from gowns to suits. Ripe with colour, their women’s eveningwear shimmered and shined with golds, blues and hand-painted textiles.

Another designer exhibiting under the Magpies & Peacocks name was René Garza, who showcased his “Re:ne(w)” collection for a London audience. “Re:ne(w)” carried the same theme as previous M&P outings – sustainability, ethical sourcing, upscaling and reuse of old or underutilised fabrics. In contrast to Moore + Lee’s collection, Garza’s work was unisex, dark and moody with brief splashes of cream and lilac colour. Much of the collection was eveningwear manipulated to appear worn, with pieces toeing the line between hurried and elegant.

photography. Jordan Eisbjerg
words. Braden Bjella


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