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We are in a world of illusions for this Schön! online editorial photographed by Domenico Petralia on a set designed by Domenico Petralia. Model Sarah Berger casted by Vanessa Contini wears structured looks from Giada, Cristiano and more styled by Monia Pedretti. Make up artist Kim Gutierrez creates a clean look, whilst hair stylist Matteo Bartolini complements this through creating sleek hairdo.

shirt + trousers. Mario Dice bag. IURI

coat + trousers. Giada
shoes. Kalliste
dress. Cristiano Burani

dress + trousers. Calcaterra
shoes. HUI

dress. HUI
coat + trousers. Gabriele Colangelo
shoes. Traffico

jacket + skirt. Judy Zhang
boots. Kalliste’
top + trousers. Drome
shoes. Luciano Padovan

jacket. Tombolini
shirt + skirt. Genny
full look. Cristiano Burani
shoes. Genny

coat. Gabriele Colangelo
shoes. Baldanini

The Schön! online exclusive has been produced by 

photography. Domenico PetraliaProductionlink Agency
fashion + art direction. Monia Pedretti Productionlink Agency
model. Sarah Berger @ Women Management
hair. Matteo Bartolini @ Productionlink Agency using @ Balmain Hair Couture, Balmain Couture Italia 
make up. Kim Gutierrez @ Studio Repossi
production. Productionlink Agency
set design. Domenico Petralia
casting director.Vanessa Contini
film + editing. Gabriele Compagni
post-production.Virgil Hritcu
casting director. Vanessa Contini
filmmaker + editing. Gabriele Compagni
post-production.Virgil Hritc
photography assistants. Chiara Lomarini, Fabio Massari, Cristina Potocean
stylist assistant. Giovanni Silvestri 
special thanks. Luca Erbetta


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