Once upon a stellar time, a dynamic duo of 90s trendsetters are forever stuck in their monochromatic past. When a dazzling Y2K “it girl” arrives from the colourful metropolis of Andromeda, their world changes forever. It all started when we found this interview from the 1950s with a famous woman beauty guru explaining to a group of teenagers how to be glamorous. It is so strange and unique, how this perpetual quest for beauty of glamour hasn’t changed. We decided to reflect this in a film somehow and it became Andromeda.

Creative directors Charles Letessier, Theo Le Sourd and Pierre Letessier, along with their team, explore how “new” can become hypnotizing and how rapidly it can blend the past and future, weaving a mesmerizing tale of style and fascination. At its core, it’s a beauty film about the endless trends and the laws of attraction. 

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direction. Theo Le Sourd + Charles Letessier
creative direction. Charles Letessier, Theo Le Sourd + Pierre Letessier
art direction. Taylore Leaf
director of photography. Christian Ferretti
fashion. Paget Millard
talents. Yidan Huang, Vika Reza + Elah Garcia @ Plainsight Studio
casting direction. Brian Helm
hair. Mitch Yoshida
make up. Takashi Ashizawa
ep. Jacob Gottlieb
production design. Justin Helmkamp
1st ac. Chris Cruz
gaffer. Leo Alverez
key grip. Steven Becker
editing. Theo Le Sourd
music. Csisterna
sound design + mix. Nikolay Antonov
visual effects. Celine Cao
cgi artist. Zilan Lin
fashion assistant. Shanice Gray

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