an unmistakable sense of style | Belvedere 10

Renowned director Taika Waititi joins forces with multi-platinum selling artist Future for an electrifying new short film marking the debut of Belvedere Vodka’s latest luxury offering, Belvedere 10. A symbol of exquisite taste and perfection, Belvedere 10 is presented in a stunning, meticulously crafted pure white bottle, embodying unparalleled elegance. With its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship in both recipe and design, Belvedere 10 shines as the ultimate expression of luxury, setting the stage for an unforgettable campaign.

Belvedere Vodka’s latest campaign presents a captivating fusion of elements: two vintage white Rolls Royces from the 70s, crocodile boots, a converted hacienda turned into a vibrant night club, a Kiwi cowboy, an infectious soundtrack, and the iconic presence of Future. “I loved that there was a readiness to craft something unedited, genuine, and resolute,” Future states. “I appreciated the concept that you cannot feign it; you must genuinely embody it. This campaign delivers its message unapologetically. It balances simplicity with architectural extravagance, much like Belvedere 10.” Continuing the sentiment, Waititi says, “There is a fine line that allows humour and rebelliousness to exist within luxury. This campaign embodies a rare moment where this intersection meets. There is no doubt Belvedere is one of the coolest alcohol brands in the world”

What ties them together is the undeniable allure of this cinematic extravaganza, inviting everyone to revel in the moment. The three-minute director’s cut opens with Future cruising stylishly along a dusty sunset-lit road. What ensues is a whimsical and atmospheric journey as Future embarks on a quest for the elusive Belvedere 10. A standout moment unfolds as Future and Taika Waititi, both central to the campaign’s creation and narrative, engage in a playful and intricate handshake, culminating in a seamless exchange that grants them access to a coveted bottle of Belvedere 10.

photography. Atiba Jefferson

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