skirt. Jenn Lee
dress. Laura Andraschko

Dissolve into this haunting Schön! online editorial photographed by Eva Losada, assisted by Flo Husseini. Model Michael Moon is outfitted by Saik Gonzalez and assistants’ Alice Secchi and Elia Ruiz. Nails and hair are expertly styled by Beatriz Ferrer and Aya and smoulder beside looks by Jamie Sutherland, Mithridate, Jenn Lee and others. 

head piece, top + skirt. Alifia Hamid
jacket + jumpsuit. Lynn L Yaung

shirt. Junli
oodie. Tein Clothing
boots. Natacha Marro

dress. Cunnington & Sanderson
blazer. Mithridate

dress. Jamie Sutherland
skirt. Mithridate
dress. Jenn Lee

top + skirt. Joanna Wirazka

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by 

photography. Eva Losada
fashion. Saik Gonzalez
model. Michael Moon
hair. Aya
make up. Elle McMahon
collage. Stefan Gunnesch
nails. Beatriz Ferrer
photography assistant. Flo Husseini
fashion assistants. Alice Secchi + Elia Ruiz
location. London Performance Studios

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