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The talented Alexandra Popoviciu debuts her collection, Crowns of Illusion. The artist launched her A/W collection, available this November, using an autobiographical approach. Mixing future and fantasy as her inspiration, Popoviciu uses cutting-edge technologies to develop experimental 3D fabrics.

The collection aims to question whether our reality is an illusion. Using rich, luxurious materials to display the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy, Popoviciu aims to push the boundaries of fashion rules. We see pieces that are entirely futuristic: made with 3D printing techniques that are new to fashion, while also crafted using traditional garment making skills.

The detailed craftsmanship explores unchartered construction of garment surfaces, ‘creating architectural handwork, using laser-cut elements inspired by sound waves as collar details.’ The designer chose black leather to manipulate into shapes that we thought were reserved for fantasy. Popoviciu succeeds in creating her garments as ‘wearable art’, bringing to light the exploration of her different philosophies of reality.

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The focus of the collection is primarily above the waist, concentrating on elaborately shaped headpieces and collars. The structured shoulders on each piece appear strong and ultramodern. These are paired with sleek black midi skirts and straight-cut trousers, enhancing the skill and detail that went into the upper-body pieces, while bringing sophistication to the overall look.

Popoviciu collaborated with 3D artist Alejandro Delgado to create a hero piece of the collection; a 3D printed headpiece made with polyamide printing. The result was a collection of innovative looks that give us a peak ahead of time.

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Photography / Spinu Ovidiu Cristian & Cosmina Bican
Art Director & Designer / Alexandra Popoviciu
Models / Laura Moldovan & Diana Racolta
Hair & Make Up / Kinga Hadobas
Video & Edit / Claudia Simon, Sebastian Ciho & Bogdan Vancea
Soundtrack / Geronimo Music Production
Video & Photography Assistant / Spice Events

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