Tackle the City with AI Riders on the Storm

The solution to the challenges thrown up by a versatile city lifestyle takes form in the sporty outerwear of AI Riders on the Storm. Regardless of whether it’s an urban or wild and barren landscape, the unpredictable elements still persist – and covering up in a style-driven yet functional offering is the perfect antidote offered by this premium outerwear brand. Founded in 2011, the sportswear designed by businessman and designer Giovanni Chicco is an aesthetical statement, as well as being of the ultimate hi-tech design.

Coming from a background anchored in fashion, Giovanni Chicco founded AI Riders on the Storm after a career that saw him working with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Fiorucci and K-Way. Harbouring an invested and informed interest in creativity and functional design, Chicco ensures that applied research and constant evolution means the product is in tune with the latest technology.

Indeed, AI Riders on the Storm coats are functional and ergonomic, focusing on innovation, textiles and protection: the wraparound style is the perfect refuge for city-dwellers, night owls and urban sports aficionados. The outside world is kept at bay with the shell-like design, and the removable anti-fog lenses and ski-masks further protect wearers from the perils of tempestuous weather. The added bonus of a mesh mouthpiece allows the coats to filter air, which works as an anti-pollution screen. It would be harder to be more sheltered from rain, wind and thunder than in one of the AI Riders on the Storm shells.

With this passion project, Chicco defined a way of life, one that is encapsulated in the very name of the brand: rather than being submerged by the conditions of the outside world, ride the storm.

Discover the AI Riders on the Storm collection here.

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