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AALTO 1It was a Midsummer’s daydream for Finnish designer, Tuomas Merikosk, who debuted his spirited women’s wear line AALTO in Paris for the first time.  A large ligneous stereo system blasted pop ballads while a scorching collection of minimal, oversized garments, coloured in bonfire hues fired down the runway like burning Nordic flames. Photographer Alice Jacquemin takes us backstage for a preview of this season’s looks. 

Backstage_Aalto001 Backstage_Aalto012 Backstage_Aalto010 Backstage_Aalto009 Backstage_Aalto005 Backstage_Aalto004Backstage_Aalto020 Backstage_Aalto036Backstage_Aalto034 Backstage_Aalto033 Backstage_Aalto030 Backstage_Aalto027 Backstage_Aalto023 Backstage_Aalto022Backstage_Aalto035

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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