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Spice Bomb, Viktor & Rolf

Spice Bomb, Viktor & Rolf

Everyone should have a variety of spring scents, and when choosing the perfect one, one can never go wrong with the classics. Robust and intense, Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb is a must have collectable in every man’s arsenal. Warm and woody, this scent is a necessity with a mixture of spices meant for an audacious personality.

Jardin Sur Le Toit, Hermès

Jardin Sur Le Toit, Hermès

The fourth release in Hermès’s garden-inspired collection, Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, or “a garden on the roof,” was inspired by the luxurious garden located on the Hermès’ headquarters building roof in Paris.


Gucci Guilty

Fresh, light and sweet, this light green bottle is full of organic opulence smelling of apples, green grass, basil, and magnolia. Gucci Guilty is always a favourite, a perfect transitional scent from cold winter nights to cool spring evenings. Evoking feelings of strong sensuality, this is the go-to pick for a night that needs warming up.

Words / Mynxii White
Photography / Junichi Ito

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