valentine’s escapes ♥ the salina turda mines


This Valentine’s day, escape to a miniature theme park based in the bottom of Turda’s still functioning salt mine. The mine is host to many attractions, such as a big wheel, which allows visitors to see the stalagmites that have formed over the mine’s 1000 year history as well as minigolf, bowling, a pool table and a boat trip on the underground lake. The beautifully preserved mine, which reaches depths of more than 100 meters, is located in the Romanian region of Transylvania and is one of the world’s oldest mines, dating back to the middle ages.


For history buffs, the original mining machinery still stands within the mine, with some still used to transport people on the tours of the mine. There’s also access to a Health Spa in the Gisela mine, which draws upon the medicinal benefits of the mine’s optimal climate.

Discover the Salina Turda mines here.

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