Avicii and #ProjectWarehouse


This summer has seen Denim & Supply team up with some of the hottest talent on the block for an unprecedented collaboration between young creatives, all of them figureheads in their respective fields, and Ralph Lauren’s denim line. The first collaboration of the #ProjectWarehouse series brings together Denim & Supply and Grammy-nominated, award-winning talent AVICII, whose hit singles Wake Me Up and Hey Brother have become music sensations worldwide. The young 24-year-old DJ has conquered the world of EDM with just one album, but promises to do more with his upcoming release. With the album due to launch this Autumn, AVICII worked with Denim & Supply on an interactive project that will have fans of denim and music excited by the possibility of getting involved. 


The series of interactive projects was set in motion with AVICII recruiting young talent for a teaser video, announcing his album release. Launching the collaborative project with a bang, AVICII brings alive the young, energetic philosophy of Denim & Supply by offering fans of getting involved via interactive digital platform.

So how does this work? For a chance to be featured in AVICII’s new album teaser video, upload a short video of yourself dancing to Instagram, not forgetting to use the hashtag #ProjectWarehouse, and join fans worldwide in the musical quest. Be sure to stay tuned for the next instalments of creative collaborations with Denim & Supply.

To join in #ProjectWarehouse, click the links below.

Head over to the Denim & Supply website.
Discover the Instagram feed here. 
Join #ProjectWarehouse on Facebook. 


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