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Illustration / Faye West

Illustration / Faye West

With a varied selection of treatments now available, facial treatments that don’t involve the trauma and pain of resorting to going under the knife seem like a suitable, even preferable alternative, to the conventional surgical processes. Is the age of the surgical facelift coming to an end?  Schön! brings you a selection of treatments that are a much less painful way of freshening up and giving a more youthful and natural effect to your skin. 

Naturalift Acupuncture by David Peters

“I passionately believe in natural, gentle skin rejuvenation,” states David Peters. “My results’  focused approach will help you combat the signs of ageing and stress. I now fuse traditional and contemporary techniques to develop a Naturalift Anti Ageing programme uniquely tailored to every individual.” 

A pain free alternative to having a slight lift and even eliminating the need for Botox, with this method, acupuncture is applied to the face, thus increasing collagen and elastin production; it tones cheeks and smoothes over any fine lines. David’s signature facial massage leaves the face glowing with luminosity and his organic essential oil blend is to take away so you can keep up his good work from your bathroom.

£180; allow 2 hours.

David also offers one of the most luxurious facials on the market, namely a 24K Gold Naturalift Acupuncture treatment. Gold has unique properties, and reduces inflammation and decreases cell degradation. You leave with a glittering complexion, quite literally.

£280; allow 2 hours.

 INTRAcel by Dr Tracy Mountford  

“INTRAcel is an exciting technology. It can change the quality of skin and tighten it in a way we have not seen before. It is a cocktail of the most effective cutting-edge anti-ageing technologies – radiofrequency, fractional technology and deep dermal micro-needling,” says Dr Tracy Mountford, clinical director of the award winning Cosmetic Skin Clinic. “It tackles tell tale ‘turkey necks’ jowly chins and crepey skin.”

This is a celebrity favourite, as there is no down time involved. The superfine insulated micro needles pin prick their way over lines and wrinkles targeting deep within the dermis of the skin, so that on the surface you are youthful and glowing.

£795 for superlative results 2-3 and allow 2 hours per treatment.

Fraxel re:store Dual Wavelength System by Dr Rita Rakus 

“Fraxel is a breakthrough skin resurfacing treatment that can turn back the clock with minimal discomfort. The non-invasive procedure is used to combat photo damaged skin, lines, wrinkles, skin discolouration, dull or rough texture and age spots. Fraxel laser treatment especially appeals to those patients who want the positive results of traditional resurfacing methods without the downtime or risks. It also appeals to those who are looking for a more dramatic result than might be achieved with non-ablative techniques.”

A breakthrough in skin resurfacing, which turns back the clock with remarkable ease. A new dual fibre laser technology can eliminate pigmentation at both deep and superficial levels. This technique promotes collagen production to resurface the skin, over any part of the body. It is a targeted treatment so gives focused and effective results.

£950-1500 per treatment; allow 2-3 hours.

Gazelli Ultimate Firming Facial by Gazelli Founder Jamila Asakarova

“The Gazelli philosophy is to offer a beautiful combination of results and atmosphere, helping each guest to leave with an uplifting sense of both mental and physical well being. Gazelli believes in creating clear, realistic homecare advice and treatment programmes for our guests to enjoy and enhance the long-lasting benefits of their facials.  We are reinventing the world of professional and retail skincare with 2014 seeing the launch of new, innovative products and ingredients combined with an individual, educational approach.”

The facial is targeted to tighten and tone the facial muscles, using deep and stimulating massage techniques, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in the process. Your skin will be visibly smoother, firmer and more radiant.

A scientific approach to a firming facial where your therapist analyses your face and the muscles to focus on which areas need stimulating and repairing on multiple layers. The forty years of medicinal research into the luxurious Gazelli products ensure that this is a long lasting facial. 

£165 and allow 90 minutes per treatment.

Words / Emma White Turle
Illustration / Faye West

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