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Reaching that stage in winter where the seasonal wear-and-tear is taking its toll on your skin? We’ve looked into some of the newest skincare products for men, our aim being to finally eradicate all those signs symptomatic of the beginning of winter: dry skin, razor nicks and under-eye tiredness. With a selection of some of our favourite skincare products, which will do everything from cleansing, rehydrating and rejuvenating your skin, we give you a guide to obtaining the ever-so desirable flawless skin.

Refined Skincare at Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s latest addition to his already vast beauty empire is an eight-piece men’s grooming regime. Inspired by his own ritual of grooming, Tom Ford has developed a skincare line which aims to provide a calming, cleansing and mattifying effect. From plant extracts, to antioxidants, the three complexes (purifying, skin calming and infusing) devised specifically for this collection are clearly aimed at the refined gentleman. With the options of a purifying face cleanser (1) or an intense purifying mud mask (2), the ritual then moves onto an oil-free moisturizer (3). A revitalizing oil provides treatment for depleted and energy-less skin. Topping the process off with a hydrating lip balm (4) and an anti-fatigue eye treatment (5) , the line is undoubtedly one of the most thorough and effective ranges available in men’s skincare. An addendum unique to this line is the concealer (6), something scarcely seen in a men’s skincare range, but which eradicates those blemishes and nicks in one fell swoop.

Revitalising Lancôme

Lancôme has devised its first Youth Activating range, bringing the promise of Eternal Youth ever closer to reality. Born from intensive research, Lancôme’s latest skincare aims to work against the aggressions skin is submitted to on a daily basis, notably shaving. With a unique concentrate which stimulates protein production, Génific HD (7) leaves the skin smooth and revitalised. Combine this with Lancôme’s Hydrix Balm (8) and your skin is guaranteed to feel replenished and nourished. 

Supremely Smooth Shiseido

If we’re talking stress and shaving damage, then we should mention Shiseido’s Active Energizing Concentrate (9). With a clear aim to both repair and prevent skin damage, this Shiseido age-defying product ensures skin remains firm and resilient.  Working its magic against dryness, visible pores and excess oil, we feel this could an ideal partner to take into the depths of winter.

Milanese Barbers at Acqua di Parma

Taking inspiration from the Milan-based Acqua di Parma barber, this new collection (10) from one of the best Italian Beauty houses is centred on an essential part of a man’s grooming process: shaving. With three specifically designed lines, namely the soft brush shaving cream, the soft brushless shaving cream and the shaving oil, Acqua di Parma have re-infused a daily ritual with Italian elegance and attention to detail. With a revitalising eye-treatment, a facial scrub and a moisturizing facial ointment, the process leaves no detail of the grooming process aside, insuring a flawless result.

Nothing succeeds more than minute attention to detail and constant care – as exemplified with the Tom Ford range, we suggest a consistent ritual and a religiously applied procedure so as to ensure a  replenished skin.  Whether in be in the shaving stages, as is the case with the Acqua di Parma range, or with the moisturising steps with Shiseido, showing some respect and care for your skin is a definite key for success. It’s your turn, gentlemen!

 Words/ Patrick Clark

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