etnia barcelona presents art flowers

Finding the right spectacles is quite often a difficult business. A brand to keep a sharp lookout for is ETNIA Barcelona, whose unique aesthetic and sleek designs are a rare pearl in the world of eyewear. With past collections celebrating the works of artists of the likes of Araki, Yves Klein or McCurry, ETNIA Barcelona now turns to florals for the latest addition to a long series of collections.


From the brilliant blue frames of the Yves Klein collection, ETNIA Barcelona turns to florals, in line with the explosive prints seen in fashion over the past season. With a stylistic reinvention of the classic floral print, ETNIA Barcelona introduces a touch of painterly creativity with touches of paint splashes. Reminiscent of the style of the expressionist painters, the ART FLOWERS collection is full of colourful and explosive designs.


Made of acetate, designed by the trademark in Barcelona and produced in Milan, the frames are of the finest quality. Launching in Paris on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the house, ART FLOWERS is, to be sure, a spectacular collection, one that is both bold and rife with light colours.

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