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Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim

Iconic, luxury department store Lane Crawford has teamed up with fashion designer Phillip Lim to create a unique crocodile skin handbag line for BLITZ. BLITZ is a concept within Lane Crawford footwear and accessories dedicated to creativity through collaborations. This marks the American designer of Chinese descent’s very first collection of exotic skin handbags. Available in a limited quantity, the collection blends the finest American crocodile skin and Lim’s contemporary design aesthetic to generate a range of lavish handbags in two colours: Jet Black and Jade Green. We sit down with Kim Kollar, the Director of Fashion & Special Projects for BLITZ and Lane Crawford Shoes, Handbags & Accessories, to discuss the new Exotic City Collection.

Which other designers has BLITZ Lane Crawford collaborated with in the past?

BLITZ Lane Crawford has collaborated with Manolo Blahnik, James Jean, Carrera, Pierre Hardy, Chanel, and Aerin Lauder to name a few.

How did Lane Crawford and BLITZ come together?

We wanted to create a platform for ideas and propositions not usual to the retail mix, to inspire our customers, ourselves, and the design community.

Why did BLITZ Lane Crawford decide to collaborate with Phillip Lim?

The idea behind Exotic City was to add another element to the exotic handbags offering with designs that were less traditional. Phillip Lim immediately came to mind for his modern language to design and his ability to accomplish cool, easy, chic effortlessly. We felt that these three silhouettes are great examples of his effortless way of adding twists to classic and that this collection could inspire a new perception of what exotic bags can be.

How did you decide on the two-colour combination of the handbags?

The two-tone combination was a design choice that we discussed and were excited about. This is not common design practice to mix materials or colours with exotic handbags. It looked cool and felt right.

What has been the most exciting part of this collaboration?

The whole process has been exciting! Starting from the initial idea and then the learning process of working with exotics. When working with such a luxurious material like croc, there is a responsible part of the mind that wants to be sensible, but the instinctual part won in this situation. Thank goodness! I am so pleased with how the collection turned out.

What has been the most challenging part of this collaboration?

The waiting. But it was worth it.

Which bag has been the bestseller, and why?

It’s been an even tie between the 31 Minute Bag and the Wednesday Bag. The versatility of the 31 Minute Bag has been well received. People have been responding to the size and classic shape of the Wednesday Bag.

Which designers would Lane Crawford like to collaborate with in the future?

Every project that we work on varies in spirit, which allows for the opportunity to be inspired differently by each one. We would love to work with Dries Van Noten, Supreme, Alex Isreal, Warby Parker, and Azzedine Alaia, to name a few creative forces. With a project refresh every six to eight weeks and a platform online, hopefully we will get the chance to work with everybody.

For more information on the Exotic City Collaboration between BLITZ Lane Crawford and 3.1 Phillip Lim, click here.

Words / Sheri Chiu


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