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Exploring yet more innovative artistic talent, Denim & Supply returns with a second #ProjectWarehouse collaboration, this time working with a visual artist quite unlike any of her contemporaries. After launching the world into dancing for AVICII, Denim & Supply team up with Alexa Meade, an artist whose practice is both groundbreaking and intriguing. Basing her work on techniques of art-in-motion, Meade creates portraits where the bodies of her three-dimensional models are transformed into spectacular two-dimensional paintings. Reversing the conventional techniques of trompe-l’oeil, Alexa Meade removes the spatial dimensions of 3D images to perfectly reproduce the 2D effects of portraits by simply painting her models. Moving away from her political science degree to pursue her dream of a career in art, Meade quickly came to realise the incredible artistic potential of this technique.


Alexa Meade joins #ProjectWarehouse this September with a video of a pop-up studio she created on a Los Angeles beach, where passers-by were captivated by the process of her artwork, and were fascinated by the transformation of a person into a painting. Once again, fans worldwide can engage with Denim & Supply by submitting portrait-like photos of themselves on Instagram using the hashtag #ProjectWarehouse for the chance to win a live painting session with Alexa Meade. Join the interactive project for an exclusive insight into the Denim & Supply world with the exciting #ProjectWarehouse collaborations.

What are you waiting for? Get your paintbrushes ready!

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