rick edwards takes on the #2days1bag challenge

Taking a dive into childhood memories, writer and presenter Rick Edwards returns to his native South Coast with Timberland, set to take on the 2 Days, 1 Bag challenge. While he may be accustomed to the coasts of Portsmouth, the Isle of White remains unconquered territory for Rick. To remedy this situation, Rick leaves behind bustling streets of London, and makes his way down to Lymington Pier, armed with weather-resistant, climate-tested outdoor wear from Timberland.

HZ5A1308Similar to the urban life he leads in the capital, Rick is ready with adaptable pieces, that are just as suited atop a bike riding through Holborn as they are on the rocky roads of Yarmouth. As he travels to the Isle of White, dressed in a trusty Mount Pierce Mac, Rick reaps the benefits of the spontaneity and freedom of #inmyelement, braving the elements with his Timberland trench.


As he takes the ferry after his short stop-off at the George Hotel, the full #2Days1Bag experience begins. Whether it be exploring the cliff tops of the island, or on a fishing boat on an expedition out at sea to discover the landmark that are the Isle of White’s Needles, Rick is armed with infallible Timberland Earthkeepers® Revenia boots, suited to the rugged and unpredictable landscape and situations.


The journey takes to the air with a whimsical trip on a chairlift, and through the inner crooks and crannies of the island with his bike. Just as Timberland is suited the versatility of the urban landscape, his cleverly packed Hookset Backpack equips him with key pieces for the transition from town to the great outdoors.

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