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An angelic journey of feminine discovery unravelled in garments impressed with harlequin floral embroideries and feathers. Yulia Yanina harnessed Russian folk art in romantic lace mini dresses and gossamer gowns, that were engraved with lace embroidered cherubs and elegant flamingos and firebirds to encapsulate the splendour of eternal youth and happiness. Photographer Alice Jacquemin captured behind-the-scenes preparations before models stepped into their first looks.

Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0073 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0114 Yanina 2 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0158 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0167 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0106 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0122 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0091 Yanina 1 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0049 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0017 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0030 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0025 Backstage-Yanina-FW16_0001

Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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