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Anna Led. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

Being the largest city in the Baltic states, it is no surprise the main Fashion Week of the area would be hosted in Riga.  Alongside its size and population also lies a multitude of culture and history, enveloped into the celebration of Latvia’s Centenary on November 18th , 2018. For years Riga Fashion Week, organised by the Baltic Federation, has been stunning audiences from across the world with its eccentricity, quality, and advancement. Upon flying into Riga, many are in awe of the city’s splendour, its landmarks, and its progressiveness despite its compact structure. Being named as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, Riga’s medieval old town and the city centre surrounding it are the perfect destinations for sea-front holidays abroad with unbounded beauty.

Schön! taps into this celebration of the centenary via the much-anticipated fashion week, where the nation is “weav[ing] lasting fabrics into the fabric of our lives”. The magnificence of both the natural and cultural places of Latvia, and more specifically, Riga, does indeed leave a lasting effect on those participating. The location being so charismatic and captivating, the designers benefitted greatly in the presentation and staging of their work. For S/S 2018, here are our picks for the best of the Baltic bounds. 

DiLiborio. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

Anna Led‘s S/S18 collection is a trip into the wild. Intertwining overt innovation with fabrics,  the collection pays tribute to tradition combining elements from the 1920s with unique prints by artist Anna Kustikova, making it very appropriate to the cultural significance of the centenary celebration.

Sicilian-born Liborio Capizzi has a passion for art, scenography, and costume-making. Years of experience and travelling across the globe working with women’s garments come together in this excellently crafted collection for DiLiborio, featuring symmetry, tassels, earthy tones, and thus earthy implication.

Lena Lumelsky. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

Designer Lena Lumelsky explores the female body and the feminine identity once more with her S/S18 collection. Block colours in details of an haute-couture quality and eccentric striking shades define her work displayed at the Baltic Fashion Week.

One Wolf. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

One Wolf pays homage to work clothing apparel with the collection ‘REPAIR 2’. Going back to the basics has never looked so good; showing a diversity of materials and colours that clothe the people of hard-work, the people of the city, the people of Latvia.

Talented. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

Indra Komarova, designer of the brand TALENTED, evokes the nature of the Latvians in her new collection: the equal balance of tranquillity and a larger-than-life self-expression. Clashing images and symbols, she adds new meaning to the old by creating renewed impacts of significance.

This season, This is a Limited Edition joins forces with Italian illustrator and graphic designer Giulio Rossi. This collection continues to elaborate on explosiveness with patterns, graphics experimentation, and references to historical figures to express daringness and originality. Rossi uses his technical capabilities to invoke artworks in a meaningful and important light.

This is a Limited Edition. Photography by Mark Litvyakov.

Riga Fashion Week 2017 is an excellent example of cultural inheritance and national identity representation within fashion. We can not wait for what the next centenary will bring for the capital.

For more information on Riga Fashion Week click here. Discover more about Latvia’s Centenary Celebration here

Words / Marianna Mukhametzyanova
Photography / Mark Litvyakov


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