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This is a story on how anxiety became another layer of our daily lives. It is like a waving flag claiming its territory over our routines. Though this story is about the feelings I struggle with on a day-to-day basis, it is also a project to tell about the fact that we can escape from anxiety and fear.

Never-ending obsession over Instagram and other social networks driven by a self-development race. The desire to please other people and to receive approval. The fear of being outcasted, the fear of having no power in our choices. We are scared of new encounters and then we grieve about our inability to stay with people we like.

Anxiety is all around us, and I see how many people feel the same way. This is our new reality, yet there is an escape and it is within ourselves.

When Kurt Cobain began his career, he did not write great poetry. He just screamed about the huge hole in his heart. Turned out that the entire generation had the same hole in their souls, and millions of people found support in his songs relieving their pain, anger and fears.

Each generation has its own pains. Solving them has the potential to unite us and make us stronger.

Schön! proudly presents “What Bothers Me”, a new film from director Anna Guseva, who also contributed the above text. Fashion for the film includes looks from Undercover, The Editor, Givenchy, Gucci, Henrik Vibskov and Comme des Garçons styled by Olesya Borovik and Lorena Kasparova. Make up for the film is by Elena Mosiyko. The piece was choreographed by Vladimir Varnava. Clothing partners for the shoot included the Spin4Spin Resale Concept Store in Moscow, Converse, Cooperative Shine, Fakoshima, Nike and Uniqlo.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Anna Guseva
fashion. Olesya Borovik + Lorena Kasparova
make up. Elena Mosiyko @ MKRS Agency

dancers + actors. Oleg Khmelev, Artyom Sherstobitov, Andrey Lazarev, Maxim Permyakov, Tatiana Borisova + Anastasia Peshkova
d.o.p. Leonid Kim
choreography + main part. Vladimir Varnava
executive production. Taya Komarova
production. Ogonok
creative production. Vera Zhigalova
production design. Yulia Orlova
writing. Sergey Yakovlev
costume design. Anna Guseva & GOOSEVA KOMANDA
fashion assistant. Valeria Lazareva 
editing. Pavel Kling
effects. Styopa Polivanov
music. Evgeny Pankov
colour. Dmitry Litvinov
production assistant. Elina Uralskaya
project coordination. Valentina Karpova
1st AD. Angelina Reshetnyak
steadicam. Sharapov Valery
camera mechanic + focus pulling. Pavel Smolyakov
gaffer. Victor Borovikov
lighting technician. Andrey Romanov
make up assistant. Anna Kozlova + Sasha Stroganova
backstage photography. Alexey Kostromin + Alexander Emauz
crew + helpers. Ivan Krudu, Lev Vodianin, Sergey Ryazantsev, Evgeniya Egorova, Elizaveta Fedoseeva, Polina Glebova, Alexandra Yakubovskaya, Sophia Sapman, Alexander Morozov + Alexey Bogdanov


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