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Time isn’t the only thing that Hublot works with – it changes the very direction of progression, working with the technological intricacies of watch making to define the parameters of time. A clever manipulation of materials, experimenting notably with notably with titanium, has made Hublot a leader in the contemporary watch making field. Creating the future at an unprecedented pace, Hublot has now teamed up with The Watch Gallery, fusing two worlds seamlessly. The two limited-edition pieces, the Classic Fusion and the Classic Fusion Chronograph 45mm Special Edition ‘The Watch Gallery’, are unmistakable timepieces.

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The Swiss watchmaker teamed up to create a duo of sleek design pieces – with satin finishes and H-shaped screws combining to create understatedly elegant watches. As Adrian Maronneau, Director of Buying & Merchandising at The Watch Gallery, commented, the collaboration builds on the foundations of a solid working relationship. “It’s a pleasure and privilege to further cement our partnership with such an innovative brand. Our limited edition bridges the gap between sports style and an elegant evening watch,” he explains. 

The lightweight, anti-corrosive and hypoallergenic properties of titanium combine to create a distinctive look – with The Classic Fusion emulating designs that Hublot first pioneered in the 1980s. Blue-mirrored pieces add a distinctively contemporary feel to the watches. “The deep blue of the dial will perfectly complement any formal occasion while the fusion of the ceramic bezel and titanium case underline the toughness of the watch with a completely unique and fresh look,” explains Adrian Maronneau.


Whether you’re a gentleman who has an evening air preference or a more down-to-basics approach, the duo of watches caters for all occasions. The polished rhodium-plated hands of The Chronograph add a distinguished air, while the Classic Fusion, on the other hand (pun none-intentional), celebrates classic features that will be the perfect dapper day watch.

Discover the third Hublot and The Watch Gallery collaboration here.

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