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The Chambre Syndicale invited Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko to be an official guest member of haute couture fashion week earlier this year. For her Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection, she paid tribute to her roots and narrated a tale of Saint Petersburg Soviet-era communal apartments. Photographer Alice Jacquemin seized behind-the-scenes moments of this historical fashion show. 

Ulyana Sergeenko 1 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0052 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0010 Ulyana Sergeenko 2 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0056 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0407 Ulyana Sergeenko 3 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0077 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0116 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0151 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0268 Ulyana Sergeenko 4 Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0129

Backstage-Ulyana-Sergeenko-FW16_0360Photography / Alice Jacquemin


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